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Nicole Henderson is the Editor in Chief of Talkin' Cloud and the WHIR where she oversees content strategy and contributes daily news and insights on the global cloud and hosting industries.


Dyn Might Have Been Collateral Damage in Mirai Attack on Gaming Infrastructure
New research suggests hackers were targeting gaming infrastructure when they took down Dyn's network in October 2016.
Box Taps Google AI to Help Enterprises for Image Recognition
Box is using the Google Cloud Vision API to introduce image recognition with Box.
Microsoft Acquires Cycle Computing for HPC in Azure
Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud software suite provides cloud orchestration, provisioning, and data management for big compute.
AWS Launches New Security and Migration Services at NYC Summit
AWS announced new cloud services to boost security and ease application migration that are available now.
Report: IT Leaders Feel Overwhelmed by Pace of Cloud Development
Eighty-one percent of IT leaders report to be either extremely concerned or very concerned about missing out on cloud advancements.
Report: IBM Tries to Block Former Exec from Joining AWS
IBM has asked the court to ban Jeff S. Smith from working for AWS until May 2, 2018.
As WannaCry Hackers Make Off with Bitcoin, FBI Arrests Man Who Stopped Them
WannaCry hackers are emptying bitcoin wallets as the U.K. man credited with stopping the WannaCry spread is arrested by FBI on charges related to Kronos banking trojan.
New Bill Aims to Address Gaping Holes in IoT Security
A new bill aims to ensure federal agencies are using IoT devices that meet security best practices.
Analyst: Microsoft Azure Container Instances Direct Shot at Amazon, Google
Hyperscale cloud vendors need more enterprise clients. Are containers going to be the next area where they can tip the scale?
Apply Today: 2017 Talkin' Cloud 100 Awards
This year will be Talkin’ Cloud’s 7th year running the list, and we hope that you participate.
Alphabet Q2 2017: Enterprise Efforts Pay Off for Google Cloud
Google Cloud sits in the “other revenues” category, which reported over $3 billion in revenues, a rise of 42 percent from Q2 2016.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
5 Things to Expect from Alphabet Q2 2017 Earnings
Alphabet will announce its second quarter earnings on Monday. Here's what you can expect.
Microsoft Inspire 2017: 5 Must-Watch Sessions for Partners
Catch up on what you missed in the comfort of your own home or office with these hand-picked on-demand sessions.
Vendor Exposes 14 Million Verizon Customer Records Stored in Amazon S3
Around 14 million records belonging to Verizon subscribers were found on an unprotected Amazon S3 storage server managed by Israeli software company Nice Systems.
Microsoft Inspire: Beyond Three Launch Vendors, Azure Stack to Provide Wider Ecosystem Opportunity
While there are only three vendors who are launching Azure Stack appliances in September, Microsoft has assured partners that there will be lots of opportunity for them to be a part of the ecosystem.


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