Tom Kaneshige


Tom Kaneshige is a reporter covering digital business transformation, big data, AI, marketing tech and the Internet of Things for line-of-business executives. He is based in Silicon Valley. 


New Skills Helping Channel Pros Overcome Stagnant Salaries, Survey Finds
Leveling up your digital transformation skills leads to better jobs and higher paychecks, while no training means more of the same, according to a new channel salary report from Informa, which publishes Talkin' Cloud.
Zero One: Top Channel Performers Spend More on Marketing, A Lot More
If channel companies want to move up the value chain, they must nurture a relationship with the new line-of-business tech buyer.
Zero One: Channel Hears Call of the Internet of Things
Companies need the channel to mine business value from the Internet of Things. Are channel companies ready to help them?
Zero One: Digital Transformation In-Fighting
The story of digital transformation isn’t fully told yet, and so companies have time to overcome internal challenges and change the ending.
Zero One: Car Dealership Kicks IT Consultant to the Curb, Drives to the Cloud
It’s a cautionary tale for channel companies stubbornly clinging to the old ways.
Zero One: AI, Machine Learning and the End of the World
Is AI a job creator or job killer? Should we be worried?
Zero One: Global Digital Marketers Face Local Growing Pains
In the digital economy, global marketers need to be looking at local markets. But too many have an eye on the next shiny toy coming out of Silicon Valley.
Zero One: Playing the AI Game
The magic of AI is in the way developers express its “objective function,” says a machine learning scientist.
Zero One: Culture and Tech Go Hand-in-Hand
What technology your company uses says a lot about what it’s like to work there.
Zero One: Human Resources Falls Behind in Digital Transformation
A state-of-the-art HR department can help win the war for talent. Too bad many HR departments are stuck in the basement.
Zero One: Digital Transformation’s Ah-Ha, Oh-No Moments
Pat Bakey, SAP’s president of industries, breaks down digital transformation’s tale of two types of companies.
Zero One: Without Bedrock Talent, Digital Transformation Craters
Businesses must shake things up and do whatever it takes to acquire tech talent.
Zero One: Falling in Love with the Customer Experience
A great customer experience stirs feelings of joy, excitement and delight, while a bad one evokes anger, disgust and mistrust.
Zero One: B2B Sales Forces Face Disruption
Learn how GE, Cisco and IBM are transforming their sales operations to compete in a digital world.
Zero One: Got Digital Talent? Probably Not
In the new digital reality, every company must be a software company. But most can’t recruit the right talent and will look to local channel partners for help.