(CRM) appears to be encouraging its customers to work with the channel. The San Francisco-based cloud computing giant on Monday announced the release of a new e-book dedicated to how businesses can boost sales by building relationships with channel partners.

"When it comes to growing your business, a channel partnership is an oppotunity to increase your value proposition to customers and grow your profits," said Emily Stanford, a brand journalist at Salesforce, in a blog post. "A channel parter offers lead sharing, joint selling and access to different geographical markets to give your business a competitive advantage."

Available today, the e-book, titled "Boost Your Sales With Channel Partners," is divided into three parts: The Power of Partner Communities, Getting Started With Partner Communities and The Salesforce Advantage.

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Stanford said the free resources gives "you the tools to not only manage your partnerships more effectively but to engage with them in a more personalized way."

"The results?" she asked. "A channel partnership that runs like a well-oiled machine and greater insights into both businesses."

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