Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched the AWS Government Competency and the new AWS GovCloud (US) Skill Program on Monday.

Partners with the AWS Government Competency have experience working with government customers to deliver workloads and applications on AWS.

The new AWS competency closely follows the launch of the AWS Migration Competency earlier this month.

According to the announcement, customers can select partners with the AWS Government competency with a number of specializations including:

  • government transportation
  • facilities and infrastructure management
  • justice and public safety
  • public healthcare
  • financial and fiscal affairs
  • citizen services
  • national security and defense
  • security and compliance
  • open data

Consulting partners with the new competency include AT&T Systems, Accenture Federal Services, and Unisys Corporation, while technology partners including Adobe Experience Manager and CloudCheckr Cost and Security Management.

The AWS GovCloud (US) Skill Program offers customers a way to readily identify APN Partners with experience supporting workloads in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region, an isolated AWS region designed to host sensitive and regulated workloads in the cloud.  

According to AWS, the program identifies APN Consulting Partners with experience in architecting, operating and managing workloads in GovCloud (US) and APN Technology Partners with software products available in AWS GovCloud (US).