Oracle Cloud Marketplace users can now access the RingCentral (RNG) cloud phone system.

RingCentral has announced that its RingCentral Office solution is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Offering RingCentral Office via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace "enhances the Oracle Cloud Marketplace with an integrated solution for business communication," according to RingCentral. 

Oracle Cloud Marketplace users can leverage RingCentral communications capabilities such as click-to-dial, screen pop-up and automatic call notes to Oracle Sales Cloud, RingCentral said, and deploy business applications from a centralized cloud interface.

"RingCentral for Oracle allows Oracle Sales Cloud users to get screen pops when calls arrive so they have the caller's context immediately. It also enables click-to-dial within Sales Cloud so that customers are only a click away. Finally, it enables call logging and dispositioning inside of Sales Cloud to allow companies to track their interactions with their customers," Marco Casalaina, RingCentral's vice president of contact center solutions, told Talkin' Cloud.

Richard Borenstein, RingCentral's senior vice president of business development, noted that adding RingCentral Office to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace could help millions of end users become more productive. These users also can leverage RingCentral Office with customer relationship management (CRM) software to streamline their business communications with prospects, according to Borenstein.

RingCentral puts out a new release every 10 weeks, Casalaina said, and the company plans to introduce new integrations in the future.

In addition, Casalaina pointed out that RingCentral intends to release RingCentral Office in new marketplaces soon.

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